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What You Should Know About Patek Philippe Replica

Patek's research and development department is the core of the operation. Without them, innovation would be impossible. 80 engineers work in this department, bringing together old and new technology to deliver new designs that will continue to delight their billionaire customers. This is rarely considered, but this cost needs to be recovered and increases significantly as fewer parts are sold.

Compare that to another watch manufacturer like Rolex, which, while having similar R&D costs, sells a lot more parts than Patek Philippe. The costs that have to be covered are distributed among fewer customers, which increases rapidly.

Demand could of course go to the Aquanaut, another sports model from the house that is also hugely popular and seldom on the market, but not all Nautilus enthusiasts succumb to the Aquanaut's charm, which although close to it. has very different details, especially the very recognizable and unique embossed dial compared to the striped dial of the Nautilus. In general, it is difficult to lead a Nautilus enthusiast to another collection as this model is unique and at patek philippe replica doesn't really have the equivalent.

Arts and crafts

In addition to the costs of research, development and design, there are also the costs of training the watchmakers who make each watch by hand. Unlike many watchmakers, all parts are made by fake Patek Philippe, even the smallest components. A Patek Philippe watch does not contain any commercially available parts. How do you make sure that there are enough quality watchmakers to make these parts and assemble the luxury replica watches ?

golden rule

The Ellipse d'Or was the first watch designed inside by the replica Patek Philippe team. Jean-Danielle Rubery, who was in charge of designing the house at the time, was inspired by the so-called Golden Rule, a formula used by the ancient Greeks and also present in some forms of nature, which allows for a perfect balance of forms. To do this, a basic measure is taken and multiplied by the golden number or phi (1.618033 and a long list of decimals) to find the definitive measure of the width and height of the box. The head of Patek Philippe's electronics division at the time must have been inspired to create the ellipse after seeing it made at a highway junction while on a business flight in the US. What the real origin was is part of the legend.

Of course, Ellipse d'Or isn't just a mathematical rule. The lack of strap anchors, the very thin bezel thickness, and the cleanliness of the dial play an important role in highlighting the visual strength of the oval case. At a time when ultra-thin watches are all the rage, it's important to remember that the Ellipse d'Or is only 6.58mm thick. Back to the dial, its development was a major headache for the company's engineers. An unprecedented coating system combining cobalt and 24K gold was developed for the dial and applied to the gold discs in a similar manner to PVD. It was a struggle to find the right formula, but once it did, the blue gold on the dials became one of the symbols of the collection.


So-called "complications" are a hallmark of the luxury brand, with many high quality parts assembled by hand on the models. Rather than referring to the problems and hardships that might seem at first glance, the term refers to the number of elements and functions that make up a watch: the ability to display not only the time, but also the date and other information underneath a thin, millimeter-thin case is typical of luxury replica watches. Piaget, for example, has introduced a 2mm watch, the Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept.

The Blancpain brand has incorporated 740 elements that make up the enviable Blancpain 1735. This gives it a tourbillon, a chronograph with split-seconds, a perpetual calendar and a minute repeater. Rolex is committed to creating something as simple as a three-handed watch without compromising on quality. This means that their watches take less time to assemble (about 4 hours). In Extreme Gold, there is the patek philippe replica, which can take 4 to 8 years to become available.

Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Created for this year's Great Watch Art Exhibition in Singapore, this limited edition replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut is undoubtedly a fashion statement: the 40mm case is made of steel, and the 324SC movement displays the time and day of the week. It is equipped with. The black cross-hatching dial is complemented by a red minute track and a wink to the distinctive Singapore colours spread across the red rubber strap; limited to only 500 examples and only available in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Final Verdict

When history, complexity, exclusivity and price come together, it's not surprising why celebrities prefer to own a Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet instead of a Rolex. Hollywood and other celebrity characters have always been ahead of the trends. This, coupled with the brand's spread through social networks, portends a change in the place Rolex occupies in the world of show business.


One of the reasons Patek Philippe replica watches are so expensive is the research, development and design effort that went into the original design of the watch. For example, a new movement can take several years and millions of dollars to develop.

Especially in the details (of the case, the dial and the hands) and the very difficult to copy surface, we can distinguish a copy of an authentic model. In general, I can only warn amateurs about "bargains" and recommend buying this type of collector's item on professional platforms.

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